Wipe Credit Clean set’s the bar for consumer and commercial credit repair, raising the industry standards for ethical and practical credit restoration.

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If you have bad credit, you know how hard life can become! From everyday purchases to investments in your future, your credit history can come back to haunt you. The good news is, Wipe Credit Clean can remove your bad credit, regardless of whether the account is outstanding or paid. This is achieved by stating the legislation the company had breached before the negative listing was against you.

At Wipe Credit Clean, we excel at removing negative listings from your credit history and helping you regain financial security.

The potential benefits of repairing your credit report can include:

Loan approval

Increased credit score

Lower interest rates

Lower fees

Reduced repayments

Thousands in savings

Our Clients

Saydi, 31

Saydi had 5 default listings totalling a combined amount of just over $13k. The accounts were in relation to Telecommunication, Credit Cards and Personal Loans. Within 30-60 days of her first consult with Wipe Credit Clean, all 5 defaults were removed from her credit report without her paying for the debt.

Kara, 31

Kara had 2 default listings totalling a combined about of just over $11k. The accounts were primarily in relation to Utilities. Within 30-60 days of engaging Wipe Credit Clean’s services, both defaults were removed from her credit report without her paying for the debt.



Credit Applications & Enquries

How many times you have applied for credit accounts


Repayment History

24 months for credit cards, loans, mortgages & utilities


Adverse Events

Defaults, debt agreements, insolvencies, etc


Credit Limits

How high your credit card and loan limits are


Credit History

How long your credit accounts have exisited


Personal Information

Your personal details

*The percentages in this chart show how important each of the categories is in determining your credit score. The components + percentages are subject to change between credit reporting bureaus and lenders across Australia. Different credit reporting agencies have different criteria as to how they calculate your credit score.

Bad credit can potentially stay on the credit file for five to seven years, and contrary to common belief, paying the debt does not remove the bad credit.

The consequences of having bad credit can result in severe financial hardship, incredibly high-interest rates or sometimes the inability to obtain the essentials like a mobile phone contract or utilities.

Bad credit examples:

Overdue accounts defaults






Repayment history

Incorrect identity information

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